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It's time to jump start your Virtual Assistant career. You might be stuck in a full-time role, but you're ready to get OUT.  Where to start? Do you operate as a freelancer? Or register as a business? Or maybe you're already in the early process and need some extra guidance.

For $360, you get...

  • 4 one hour personalized coaching sessions​

  • Also included:

    • The 5 best email subject lines for potential clients

    • Business Policies template to use with future clients

    • Invoicing template to use with future clients

    • Welcome Kit to use with future clients


Let's get to know each other. Why don't we chat first about where you want your career to go? No commitment, no hidden fees...just you and I over the phone while we sip tea (or coffee, or water, or soda - whatever you want).

If you decide you want to move forward, great. If not, no worries. Maybe we'll be in touch at another point.

But it can't hurt to have a conversation, right? 


It's time to lift the sails and embark upon the open water! Perhaps you've already started your VA career but you keep hitting walls. Or you're not there yet but you know this is what you want to do.

For $650, you get...

  • 8 one hour personalized coaching sessions​

  • Email support outside of sessions

  • All of the above documents, plus:

    • A list of potential blog topics

    • New client intake form

    • My elevator pitch formula

    • Travel form template for clients to fill out


Freedom is calling to you. A flexible lifestyle with no more commute and going to your children's games whenever you want. You want this career. No, you need this career. It's time to revolutionize

For $999, you get...

  • 12 one hour personalized coaching sessions​

  • Written action plans after our session

  • Email support outside of sessions

  • Assistance prepping for client calls

  • Review and feedback of proposals to be submitted

  • Guidance on quarterly taxes

  • All of the above documents, plus:

    • Professional travel template for clients,

    • Client briefing document,

    • My one-of-a-kind RFP template that gets results!,

    • Sample contracts, NDAs, and Addendums for clients

What is your future worth for you? Are you ready to get the career you deserve?

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